Official Guidance

Co Author of Greater London Authority (GLA) official Guidance for New London Plan on Whole Life Carbon May 2020

Leader and co-Author of RICS Professional Statement ‘Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment 2017'

Author of RIBA Guidance ‘Embodied and Whole Life carbon assessment for Architects’.

Author of ‘Targeting Zero - Embodied and Whole Life carbon explained’. RIBA Publications 2017

Author of British Council for Offices: ‘Whole Life Carbon for Offices 2019’

Contributing Advisor to UKGBC 'Net Zero for Whole Life Carbon' 2019

Author of many articles on sustainability and carbon economics for Building Magazine, AJ, AD, RIBAJ, BD, RICS Journal. etc.

Co - authored guidance for BBP on Heritage EPC’s, and for Westminster City Council on Low Carbon Retrofit

Co - produced an RICS web-based 'European Climate Risk Toolkit' for assessing the impact of climate change on non-domestic buildings


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